[OpenWrt-Devel] How to properly add an unreachable route?

Dave Taht dave.taht at bufferbloat.net
Sat Jul 12 19:10:19 EDT 2014

I have been trying to simplify my babel setup. I have
8 /27s out of a single /24 that I would like not
to have to expose to the universe.

I have, etc
on each of the 8 devices I have.

But there is no need to export each /27, as these
are out of a single /24.

The way to do that is to setup /etc/babel.conf to only
let /24s out...

redistribute ip le 24 allow
redistribute local deny

(this can also easily be expressed in the /etc/config/babeld

And at the moment, I add this to /etc/firewall.user
to add the covering route locally. 

ip route add unreachable proto static

Boom, I go from exporting 16 routes to 1.

Where I'm stuck is on how to express the above line
inside of uci and luci. Luci demands both a specific
interface name and a numeric destination, if you are
trying this via the route method.

If you try the otherwise promising uci newfangled "rule" method
by adding something like this to /etc/config/network

config rule
	option dest   ''
	option action 'unreachable'

You end up bricking the router's network setup.

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