[OpenWrt-Devel] Squirrel instead of Lua?

valent.turkovic at gmail.com valent.turkovic at gmail.com
Sat Jul 12 17:13:37 EDT 2014

Hi devs,
after listening to Amp Hour podcast ep 202 [1], interview With Brandon
Harris from Electric Imp, which was impressive I heard something
really alarming.

Whey were using Lua in their product previous to launch, but they were
so strongly againgst shipping it with Lua because they realized that
it would hold them down too much that they scrapped EVERYTHING one
week before shipping and started looking for a better alternative.

They found Squirrel [2], so first question that popped into my mind
was - is there Squirrel for OpenWrt. And from what I have seen so far
there is not.

Has anybody used Squirrel? Would it make sense to look into it and
would it be benificial to OpenWrt as a project to also switch from Lua
to Squirrel?

My sense is that it is not that critical because OpenWrt hardvare is
so limited as one used by Electric Imp, but still it would be nice to
have a more optimal language so that OpenWrt can ce used more in
Internet Of Things arena...


[1] http://www.theamphour.com/202-an-interview-with-brandon-harris-impish-internet-iamatology/
[2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Squirrel_%28programming_language%29
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