[OpenWrt-Devel] why only hostapd?

Bernd Naumann bernd at kr217.de
Tue Jul 8 17:08:21 EDT 2014

Hi Felix,

As I do not have the lightest clue about the magic behind DFS I want to
ask a question.

If I understand it correctly, routers in a mesh network have to change
there channel if they detect a radar, and all routers in a mesh network
have to use the same channel, but have to switch to the proper channel
/at once/?

Additionally, the only way to set the channel on OpenWRT is to use
hostapd? And the problem is, that some script have to make the decision
and have to tell hostapd the set the 'new' channel? Or am I completely
miss the point?

Thanks for making things clear to me,
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