[OpenWrt-Devel] [Lantiq][RFC] Add cpu-feature-overrides.h and disable PCIe and multithreading in Danube

José Vázquez ppvazquezfer at gmail.com
Tue Jul 1 04:36:53 EDT 2014

2014-07-01 7:26 GMT+02:00, John Crispin <john at phrozen.org>:
> NAK, xway is a unified kernel target and we wont change that upstream.
> i am fine with the cpu override bit but i wont take the KConfig part,
> sorry,
> 	John
Why sorry? This is only a RFC.
Kconfig part was only for "fine tuning", but, in addition to maintain
XWAY as an unified target, those modifications can give problems now
and in the future, and i don't want to make nobody's life harder.
Regarding cpu override, ASE support was dropped some time ago so, what
do you think about set cpu_has_mips16? Any additional advice for this
Another question is if cpu_has_vint and cpu_has_veic can be enabled or
simply dropped. I assume that a test will be the best to see if they
are safe, am i right? In addition, in UGW CPU_MIPSR2_IRQ_VI is present
in ASE, Danube, AR9, VR9 and AR10. Should be it set in Kconfig?

Off topic:i've tested MIPS_MT_SMP in a VR9 based router but, according
top, 50% of the cpu time was busy with a kernel process; with
MIPS_MT_SMTC the kernel freezes early when booting.

A lot of thanks for your time and comments.

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