[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH] ramips: HooToo HT-TM02 factory image generation.

Vittorio G (VittGam) openwrt at vittgam.net
Sun Dec 28 07:34:24 EST 2014

The mkhootoofw.sh is a shell script, because official factory images are shell scripts by themselves, and it made more sense to me to just use a shell script on the build host to put the pieces for the factory image file together, rather than reimplement the wheel in C.

The hootoo_mtd_writer is a stripped-down and modified version of mtd that includes support for flashing at an offset in the MTD. This is needed for the HooToo, because the only usable partition for factory flashing is the one labeled "ALL", and we don't want to flash the u-boot, u-boot-env and factory partitions too...

The hootoo_mtd_writer binary has been compiled using the toolchain contained in the GPL tarball provided by HooToo. (It seems to me from some tests that this is the only way to get executables running on the stock kernel...)

In order to update the firmware from the web interface you need to put a FAT-formatted pendrive in the router USB port, since the original firmware needs this as temporary storage, because the RAM is quite bloated. Then you upload the OpenWrt factory image generated by mkhootoofw.sh, and the script kills unneeded services and partitions to free up RAM, backs up the original firmware on the pendrive, extracts the hootoo_mtd_writer and the sysupgrade image, flashes the sysupgrade image and then reboots.

I've tested the resulting image on the factory firmware, and it successfully installed OpenWrt on my HT-TM02.

Signed-off-by: Vittorio Gambaletta <openwrt at vittgam.net>

--- a/target/linux/ramips/image/Makefile
+++ b/target/linux/ramips/image/Makefile
@@ -317,6 +317,15 @@
+# Build HooToo factory images
+define BuildFirmware/HooToo8M/squashfs
+	$(call BuildFirmware/Default8M/$(1),$(1),$(2),$(3))
+	[ -e "$(call sysupname,$(1),$(2))" ] && \
+	$(SCRIPT_DIR)/download.pl "$(DL_DIR)" "hootoo_mtd_writer" "3d72349cbb1d8e96086a084a6940304d" "https://github.com/VittGam/hootoo_mtd_writer/releases/download/1.0/" && \
+	mkhootoofw.sh "$(DL_DIR)/hootoo_mtd_writer" "$(call sysupname,$(1),$(2))" "$(call imgname,$(1),$(2))-factory.bin"
+BuildFirmware/HooToo8M/initramfs=$(call BuildFirmware/OF/initramfs,$(1),$(2),$(3))
 # RT288X Profiles
@@ -480,7 +489,7 @@
 Image/Build/Profile/HLKRM04=$(call BuildFirmware/HLKRM04/$(1),$(1),hlk-rm04,HLKRM04,HLK-RM02)
-Image/Build/Profile/HT-TM02=$(call BuildFirmware/Default8M/$(1),$(1),ht-tm02,HT-TM02)
+Image/Build/Profile/HT-TM02=$(call BuildFirmware/HooToo8M/$(1),$(1),ht-tm02,HT-TM02)
 Image/Build/Profile/M3=$(call BuildFirmware/Poray4M/$(1),$(1),m3,M3)
--- a/tools/firmware-utils/Makefile
+++ b/tools/firmware-utils/Makefile
@@ -76,6 +76,7 @@
 define Host/Install
+	$(INSTALL_BIN) src/mkhootoofw.sh $(STAGING_DIR_HOST)/bin/
 $(eval $(call HostBuild))
--- /dev/null
+++ b/tools/firmware-utils/src/mkhootoofw.sh
@@ -0,0 +1,88 @@
+# HooToo Factory Firmware Generator for OpenWrt
+# Copyright (C) 2014 Vittorio Gambaletta <openwrt at vittgam.net>
+# This is free software, licensed under the GNU General Public License v2.
+# See /LICENSE for more information.
+# Sources for the hootoo_mtd_writer utility, which must be compiled with the GPL
+# toolchain provided by HooToo for it to work on the factory kernel, can be
+# found at: https://github.com/VittGam/hootoo_mtd_writer
+# Usage: mkhootoofw.sh path-to-hootoo_mtd_writer path-to-openwrt-sysupgrade.bin path-to-openwrt-factory.bin
+# Write the shellscript stub
+cat > "${3}.tmp" <<'EOF'
+echo "Checking firmware checksum..."
+[ "$CRCSUM" != "`sed '1,3d' "$0" | cksum | sed -e 's/ /Z/' -e 's/   /Z/' | cut -dZ -f1`" ] && {
+	echo "Firmware checksum error!"
+	exit 1
+echo "Firmware checksum OK"
+echo "Killing unneeded services..."
+killall -9 fileserv ioos upnpd led_control owndns ownhttp vstddns udhcpc udhcpd udevd minidlna smbd nmbd
+sleep 1
+echo "Unmounting unneeded mounts..."
+umount /etc
+umount /boot/tmp
+umount /usr/local/samba/var
+umount /opt
+umount /var
+echo "Backing up original firmware..."
+BKPDIRBASE="/data/UsbDisk1/Volume1/OpenWrt-HooToo-Backup-`sed 's/:/-/g' < /sys/class/net/ra0/address`-"
+while [ -e "$BKPDIR" ]; do
+echo "Backup directory: ${BKPDIR}"
+mkdir "$BKPDIR"
+cp /dev/mtdblock* "${BKPDIR}/" || {
+	echo "Backup failed!"
+	exit 1
+sync && echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches
+echo "Backup OK"
+echo "Extracting OpenWrt firmware..."
+tail -n +$SKIP "$0" | tar xv -C /tmp/ || {
+	echo "Extraction of firmware failed!"
+	exit 1
+chmod +x /tmp/hootoo_mtd_writer
+sync && echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches
+echo "Writing OpenWrt firmware..."
+cd /tmp/
+/tmp/hootoo_mtd_writer /tmp/openwrt.bin ALL 327680 1
+echo "Upgrade not successful (reboot by hootoo_mtd_writer not happened)..."
+exit 1
+# Create and append tar archive containing hootoo_mtd_writer and sysupgrade image to the factory image file
+mkdir "${3}-tmpdir"
+cp "$1" "${3}-tmpdir/hootoo_mtd_writer"
+cp "$2" "${3}-tmpdir/openwrt.bin"
+tar cv -C "${3}-tmpdir/" hootoo_mtd_writer openwrt.bin >> "${3}.tmp"
+rm -rf "${3}-tmpdir"
+# Generate the final factory image file along with the checksum
+echo '#!/bin/sh' > "$3"
+echo '# OpenWrt factory installation for HooToo HT-TM02' >> "$3"
+echo -n 'CRCSUM=' >> "$3"
+cksum < "${3}.tmp" | sed -e 's/ /Z/' -e 's/   /Z/' | cut -dZ -f1 >> "$3"
+cat "${3}.tmp" >> "$3"
+rm "${3}.tmp"
+exit 0
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