[OpenWrt-Devel] SQM QOS Feedback and configuration questions

Derek & Vicky thewerthfam at gmail.com
Sat Dec 27 21:29:21 EST 2014

I've installed and configured the SQM QOS module for my Bleeding Edge, 
r43718 access point.  The access point runs on the sunxi A20 processor 
with 1 Ethernet and 1 USB powered Wifi adapter.   A 5 port switch with 
VLAN 802.1q support is connected to the 1 Ethernet port to give the 
access point extra wired network ports.

I was looking for configuration documentation for this module that would 
guide the basic configuration options.  The module has advanced options 
too, but I assume that they are for specific setups to get the extra bit 
of performance.  Particular documentation for what interface to enable 
the SQM QOS for? (Wifi? Ethernet connected to the WAN?)  Will this still 
work if the broadband provider equipment is not in bridge mode?

  Lastly for the Download speeds and Upload speeds what is the 
recommended way to calculate the values to enter?  90% of DSL connection 
speed?  Or 95% of real observed/tested speeds(like tested with iperf)?

My initial test results indicate that the QOS does work, not sure how 
well.  My test case was a huge upload over about 4 hours, most likely 
over https.  The DSL upload speed is 1Mbps, download 9Mbps.
First test case - QOS disabled.   Other devices were unable to connect 
websites or pickup pop mail.  Server not found and server not available 
Second - QOS enabled on WAN port egress speed set at 700kbps - Other 
devices were able to connect with out issue.  Network traffic monitoring 
shows that the upload was being limited to 700 kbps.
Third test - QOS enabled on WAN port with egress speed set at 850kbps - 
Other devices were able to connect most of the time, but periodically 
they would receive a Server not found and server not available message.

Is this the best way to configure the SQM module?  These results expected?

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