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I reckon the following info should go to
and there should be a reference to that on

I love to edit the wiki myself, however, trac doesn't seem to allow
users to create new accounts. What to do? Does anyone who got access
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oxnas | Oxford Semi. OX82x, PLXTECH NAS782{0,1} | ARM | little | Daniel | oxnas
>> https://dev.openwrt.org/wiki/platforms


supported SoCs: Oxford Semi. OX82x, PLXTECH NAS782{0,1}
maybe supported: PLXTECH NAS7825 (nowhere to be found in the wild afaik)
not supported: Oxford Semi. OX81x (obsolete, different core, different address layout)

architecture overview:
 2x ARM11MPCORE (ARMv7) core
 no PCIe on OX820/NAS7820, 1x PCIe on OX821/NAS7821, 2x PCIe on NAS7825
 up to 512MB DDR2 SDRAM
 NAND or SPI serial flash (128MiB NAND typically found in the wild)
 DesignWare/ST GigE core with GMII/RMGII
 EHCI USB 2.0 Host (USB gadget mode might be possible as well)
 OX934 single-DMA dual-port S-ATA controller (SoC supports JBOD and RAID0/1 in hardware, OpenWrt doesn't yet)
 2x DesignWare/Synopsis S-ATA phy
 Crypto engine (?)
 "LEON" (no, not a SPARC) co-processor usable for wake-on-LAN and maybe as a watchdog

 * originally developed at Oxford Semi
 * Oxford Semi acquired by PLXTECH, NAS products renamed
 * PLXTECH acquired by Avago, announced end-of-life for NAS products
 * however, Avago got bulk-agreement with Roychester...

known limitations:
 - vendor's U-Boot doesn't support booting modern kernels
   => chain-load a recent U-Boot which does
      This additional U-Boot stage uses UBI to load OpenWrt and stores it's environment in UBI
      In future, it may instead be feasible to replace the stock loader, kwboot-like serial recovery yet needs to be found...
      => PLL and SDRAM setup is board specific and needs to be taken care of if we want that

 - S-ATA core requires host-lock for port transfers
   => S-ATA performance sucks when using both drivers simultanously e.g. for RAID-1
      vendor's Linux SDK uses hardware-supported RAID and JBOD, OpenWrt doesn't (yet)

 - no USB gadget support

 - Crypto engine undocumented/unsupported in all known GPL drops, no support in OpenWrt

 - LEON microcode loading not yet implemented, thus no watchdog and wake-on-lan

 - no decent hddtemp-driven fancontrol for devices with fan implemented in OpenWrt


k=known backdoor
i=installer/flash image available
h=how-to available
s=serial access required for installation
?=missing fdt, please get in touch if you got that board/device

stg-212   : ZyXEL NSA-212 / MitraStra STG-212 / Medion ...     : k,h : http://wiki.openwrt.org/toh/medion/md86587
pogoplug* : Cloud Engines PogoPlug v3/Pro                      : k,s :
kd20      : Shuttle KD20                                       : h,s :
ch3hnas2  : Conceptronic CH3HNAS2                              : ?   :
em4172    : Eminent EM4172                                     : ?   :
hmnhdcd   : iomega Home Media Network Hard Drive Cloud Edition : ?   :
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