[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH][ar71xx] Routerboard 951G Switch Fix

John Crispin blogic at openwrt.org
Sun Dec 14 13:58:44 EST 2014


thanks for the info, i found my poe injector, a cisco cable and my
keyspan. i will look into this during the coming days. sorry for the
delay, i want to double check that the fix is correct. what strikes me
as odd is that this used to work on older kernels. it might be related
to the enforced phy reset patch that was merged upstream for 3.14. i
had a look and some phys allow setting the delay. maybe the routerboot
does this and the forced reset kills those settings requiring the mac
to have a different setting than before or the phy needing the delay
setting to be applied again.


On 14/12/2014 10:31, Chris Green wrote:
> On Sat, Dec 13, 2014 at 04:42:03PM -0700, Davey Hutchison wrote:
>> The boot loader on these boards is routerboot. I do not know if
>> routerboot provides a md like command or not.
> Here's the RouterBOOT menu on my RB2011:-
> RouterBOOT booter 3.18
> RouterBoard 2011UiAS-2HnD
> CPU frequency: 600 MHz Memory speed: 200 MHz Memory size: 128 MiB 
> NAND size: 128 MiB
> Press any key within 9 seconds to enter setup
> RouterBOOT-3.18 What do you want to configure? d - boot delay k -
> boot key s - serial console n - silent boot o - boot device f - cpu
> frequency r - reset booter configuration e - format nand w -
> repartition nand g - upgrade firmware i - board info p - boot
> protocol b - booter options t - do memory testing x - exit setup 
> your choice:
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