[OpenWrt-Devel] [procd] How to redirect STDOUT/STDERR of a started service ?

Christian Schoenebeck christian.schoenebeck at gmail.com
Sun Dec 14 13:27:03 EST 2014

I provided privoxy 3.0.22 package with scripts using procd to run the service.
When privoxy runs in foreground it never writes to logfile.
So it's required to redirect stdout and/or stderr of this started service to a file.
I asked the developers of privoxy how to fix this. 
I got a tip to create a patch for privoxy to fix this problem but it's not supported.

I think there must be a chance to give parameters to procd to redirect STDOUT/STDERR.

I tried
procd_append_param command '>/var/log/out.log'
procd_append_param command '2>/var/log/error.log'

without and with single and double quotes without success.
The service did not start without any errors reported neither from the service nor from procd.
If I redirect from the command line everything works fine.

What did I wrong ? How to debug whats going on ?

Thanks for support
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