[OpenWrt-Devel] ar934x+ar8327v4

John Crispin blogic at openwrt.org
Wed Dec 10 10:25:08 EST 2014

On 10/12/2014 14:44, Chris Green wrote:
> On Wed, Dec 10, 2014 at 10:23:12AM +0000, Chris Green wrote:
>> On Wed, Dec 10, 2014 at 09:59:29AM +0100, John Crispin wrote:
>>> On 10/12/2014 09:29, David Hutchison wrote:
>>>> I am once again just guessing with 0x6f000000, so I am sure
>>>> this is wrong. I would love to learn if you could give me
>>>> insight :-)
>>>> I would also love to make a patch for both the 951G and the
>>>> rb2011 (gigabit switch version). I don't have packet loss
>>>> anymore! :-)
>>> nice work !
>>> i will track down someone with a datasheet today so that we
>>> know what the register actually does :)
>> Excellent, I will try patching this on my RB2011 (to 0x6f000000)
>> and see if it works for me too.
> Eureka!  :-)
> Changing the line in mach-rb2011.c from:-
> ath79_eth0_pll_data.pll_1000 = 0x06000000;
> to:-
> ath79_eth0_pll_data.pll_1000 = 0x6f000000;
> Fixes my rb-2011uias-2hnd as well.  I now have all ten ethernet
> ports working, the 5 x 10/100 *and* the 5 x Gigabit.
> Thanks very much David.
> ... and I look forward to a patch with the proper value.
> Can test etc. as needed.  I even have a faster machine I'm just 
> starting to configure as my desktop Linux box (where I do the
> build) so it won't take me so long to build.

the register layout is as follows for the top 8 bit

31	TX_INVERT - Decides whether to select the inversion of the GTX
clock after the delay line
30	GIGE_QUAD - Decides whether to allow a 2 ns shift (clock in the
middle of a data transfer) to the GTX clock. This bit is only
effective when bit 25 is set.
29:28	RX_DELAY - The delay buffers in the Rx clock path to adjust
against the edge/middle- aligned RGMII inputs
27:26	TX_DELAY - Delay line for the GTX clock that goes along with the
25	GIGE	- Set only after a 1000 Mbps connection has been negotiated
24	OFFSET_PHASE - Used to select if the start is from the positive or
negative phase (or whether to have a 180 degree change in addition to
the phase-delay in [11:8].

can you try to see if only setting the bits 29:26 is enough or if any
of the other bits need to be set ? if that does not work it has to be
30, 25 or 24

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