[OpenWrt-Devel] directory completeness problems

Russell Senior russell at personaltelco.net
Tue Dec 9 19:37:38 EST 2014

I recently built an OpenWrt image (e.g. r43567) for a Mikrotik rb493g
board and was surprised to discover that the flashed yaffs2 filesystem
seemed to be missing some files.  When I played more, I discovered that
I could arbitrarily make even more files disappear by creating new
ones.  For example:

  for i in $(seq 1000 2000) ; do touch test-$i ; done

would populate the current working directory with these empty files,
apparently obliterating the existing ones.  The maximum number of files
I saw was in the neighborhood of 128, though sometimes the threshold was
a little lower.  However, when I subsequently
deleted them, e.g.:

  rm test-*

then those files matching that pattern that had, for example, appeared
in a directory listing would disappear, replaced by others.  I could
continue iterating this until I recovered a directory listing with the
original contents.

This would seem to indicate that the files and file directories are all
actually intact, but the directory traversing calls are returning only a
recent subset of the contents, giving the appearance that previous
contents had been obliterated.

This would seem to be a significant bug.  Openwrt has a checkout from
about a year ago, along with some patches overlaying that checkout.  I
have not yet trolled through those to learn more.  Has anyone else seen

I am also wondering whether or not OpenWrt should be using ubifs (like
for the generic NAND subtarget) for the Mikrotik subtarget.


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