[OpenWrt-Devel] au1000 - 3.14 tested needed

Bastian Bittorf bittorf at bluebottle.com
Mon Dec 8 15:01:16 EST 2014

* Bruno Randolf <br1 at thinktube.com> [02.12.2014 13:50]:
> I just tested it: up & running, PCI got detected, Wifi works, looking
> good... :)

the same here, ethernet + wifi working.

what is strange: the ethernet-mac is always changing
after each reboot. not sure if this was also the case
with 3.10 - bruno can you see this too?

the workaround here is to fetch it from partition "yamon env":

. /lib/functions.sh
. /lib/functions/system.sh

PARTITION="$( find_mtd_part "yamon env" )"
MAC="$( sed -n '/ethaddr/{n;p;}' $PARTITION | tail -n1 )"
MAC="$( macaddr_canonicalize "$MAC" )"
ucidef_set_interface_macaddr lan "$MAC"

# in my case: 00:0e:56:00:0f:c5
# -> the same which is on the sticker on the bottom side

what is also strange: 'yamonenv' is installed, but simply
does not work. i never used it before, so i'am not sure
if it was ever working...

bye, bastian
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