[OpenWrt-Devel] Some standard partition name for extra user data?

Rafał Miłecki zajec5 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 6 19:30:58 EST 2014

I've bcm53xx device which has two usable flashes:
1) SPI serial flash for CFE + firmware + NVRAM
2) NAND flash for extra data

Because of general design of OpenWrt firmware my image contains two
partitions: kernel and rootfs (SquashFS). Automatically rootfs_data
(JFFS2) is created right after rootfs.

I wanted to make space on NAND flash also usable for OpenWrt. Do you
have any advice on that?

1) The coolest idea would be to use some LVM solution, but I don't
think we have anything like this ready in OpenWrt. Or do we? AFAIK UBI
itself can't work as LVM (can't use blocks from several MTD

2) So I was thinking about simply registering that NAND partition with
some name we could make common across OpenWrt targets. Something like
"extra_data" or whatever you prefer. User would need to mount it and
use a proper directory for storing his data. Is there anything like
this in any other target?

Yet another solution could be to ignore this few MiB space on serial
flash and simply use NAND for rootfs_data. But this would:
1) Waste some minor space on SPI serial flash
2) Would require hacking partitioner to don't create rootfs_data
3) Hacking UBI a bit I guess

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