[OpenWrt-Devel] ar934x+ar8327v4

Chris Green cl at isbd.net
Sat Dec 6 05:14:56 EST 2014

To indicate that the problem is definitely something to do with eth0
not being 'hooked up' properly see the following:-

    root at OpenWrt:~# swconfig dev eth0 show
    Failed to connect to the switch. Use the "list" command to see which
    switches are available.
    root at OpenWrt:~# swconfig dev eth1 show
    Global attributes:
            enable_vlan: 1
    Port 0:
            pvid: 1
            link: port:0 link:up speed:1000baseT full-duplex txflow rxflow 
    Port 1:
            pvid: 1
            link: port:1 link:down
    Port 2:
            pvid: 1
            link: port:2 link:down
    Port 3:
            pvid: 1
            link: port:3 link:up speed:100baseT full-duplex auto
    Port 4:
            pvid: 1
            link: port:4 link:down
    Port 5:
            pvid: 1
            link: port:5 link:down
    VLAN 1:
            vid: 1
            ports: 0 1 2 3 4 5 
    root at OpenWrt:~# 

This is on my RB2011 where eth0 is (should be) the 5 port Gigabit
switch and eth1 is the 5 port fast (10/100) ethernet switch.

Chris Green
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