[OpenWrt-Devel] QA for upcoming(?) CC?

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at crashcourse.ca
Fri Dec 5 04:08:57 EST 2014

  since i see muttering about an imminent CC, what is the plan for QA
to make sure all packages download and build correctly, since some of
them don't at the moment.

  my assumption when i want to build for a new board is that i can
check out trunk, and i can use the appropriate default config file
under downloads.openwrt.org, and it should give me a successful build.

  at the moment, i'm doing a build from scratch for archer c7 v2 and,
thus far, the errors i've had are:

download failures:

 * lvm2
 * freeswitch

build errors:

 * perf
 * fastd
 * gstreamer
 * krb5
 * python-dns
 * nail

(there might be more, build is still running.)

  in some cases, the error is obvious -- the lvm2 Makefile refers to
version 2.02.113, while that version does not even exist at the red
hat ftp site, it's already moved on to 2.02.114. and it's been like
that for at least a few days now, has no one else tried to build lvm2
to notice this?

  in any event, if the idea of an official release is that it should
build out of the box, there are clearly a number of (albeit easily
fixable) download and build issues to clean up. is it part of
pre-release QA to make sure all of these issues are resolved?



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