[OpenWrt-Devel] uClibc bug: epoll_pwait broken on OpenWrt x86

Matthias Schiffer mschiffer at universe-factory.net
Sun Aug 31 18:53:36 EDT 2014

I'm posting this on both the OpenWrt and the uClibc lists to hopefully
find someone who has an idea how the code in question might ever have
worked (if it ever has...). The issue probably affects not only
epoll_pwait, but also other syscall6 on i386. It can be seen on all
OpenWrt versions ranging from Attitude Adjustment to Barrier Breaker
(and probably also the current trunk).

I noticed that epoll_pwait always returns EINVAL when I supply a signal
set; analzing it with gdb I found out that %ebp contains a stack address
instead of the length of the signal set (which should be 8).

Looking at the generated code reveals this:

0000b360 <__libc_epoll_pwait>:
    b360:       55                      push   %ebp
    b361:       57                      push   %edi
    b362:       56                      push   %esi
    b363:       53                      push   %ebx
    b364:       51                      push   %ecx
    b365:       e8 eb ef ff ff          call   a355 <__x86.get_pc_thunk.bx>
    b36a:       81 c3 8a 4c 04 00       add    $0x44c8a,%ebx
    b370:       8b 74 24 24             mov    0x24(%esp),%esi
    b374:       8b 7c 24 28             mov    0x28(%esp),%edi
    b378:       c7 04 24 08 00 00 00    movl   $0x8,(%esp)       #1
    b37f:       65 a1 0c 00 00 00       mov    %gs:0xc,%eax
    b385:       85 c0                   test   %eax,%eax
    b387:       75 33                   jne    b3bc
    b389:       8b 44 24 18             mov    0x18(%esp),%eax
    b38d:       8b 4c 24 1c             mov    0x1c(%esp),%ecx
    b391:       8b 54 24 20             mov    0x20(%esp),%edx
    b395:       53                      push   %ebx              #2
    b396:       89 c3                   mov    %eax,%ebx
    b398:       55                      push   %ebp              #3
    b399:       8b 2c 24                mov    (%esp),%ebp       #4
    b39c:       b8 3f 01 00 00          mov    $0x13f,%eax
    b3a1:       cd 80                   int    $0x80

As can be seen, the value 8 is moved onto the stack at #1 and is
supposed to be moved to %ebp at #4. Unfortunately, #2 and #3 move the
stack pointer...

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