[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH] brcm47xx: image: build alternative TRX using less optimized LZMA

Stephen Parry sgparry at mainscreen.com
Tue Aug 26 04:26:00 EDT 2014

I still have the original trx (I think) and the source plus the notes of how I built the trx. However, there are a lot of differences between the two builds:
- The openwrt startup has changed dramatically in the last 9 months or so.
- The old image was squashfs plus minimal writable jffs2; the new is an initramfs only build.
My gut instinct is that the fault is loader related because the new image in ELF format (no lzma-loader) loads and runs fine via tftp boot.
I am waiting for a jtag cable to recover CFE (the serial console is dead). Once I have that I can test whether the patch helps or not.
One gap in my my knowledge: which code actually loads squashfs into memory - is that lzma-loader or something between lzma-loader and kernel start please?

On 26 August 2014 08:25:44 BST, Mathias Adam <m.adam--openwrt at adamis.de> wrote:
>Hi Stephen,
>do you still have the old working trx, or better, remember how you
>That might help debugging the "Starting program" hang...
>Am Di, 26.08.2014, 04:34 schrieb Stephen Parry:
>> No sorry - I did not explain carefully enough:
>> 1. About 9 months ago I built a trx using trunk that flashed and
>> OK.
>> 2. Two weeks ago I built a new image. This loaded and tested fine as
>> via tftp boot so I flashed the trx using MTD command. the resulting
>> hung after "starting program at 8001000" just as you described.
>> 3. I incorrectly thought the problem was that I had flashed
>incorrectly so
>> tried CFE flash command instead.
>> 4. I got parameters of flash command wrong and overwrote CFE.
>> 5. I saw your patch and kicked myself for not having seen it sooner.
>> I was supporting (seconding) your patch by trying to explain that had
>> seen it 15 minutes earlier it would have saved me from a dead router.
>> Rafa? Mi?ecki <zajec5 at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>First of all, I really don't think this patch itself may cause any
>>> problem with MTD/partitions/bricking.
>>> I don't understand much of your report. > It was working previously?
>>> then you say it was hanging? Then you > mention some MTD command
>>> failing...? What did you do in CFE? Which firmware did you try to
>>> install at all? What was the log of firmware booting & destroying
>>> CFE?
>>> This "report" says nothing
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