[OpenWrt-Devel] [RFC] TI/Intel Puma5 target.

José Vázquez ppvazquezfer at gmail.com
Thu Aug 21 11:13:15 EDT 2014

2014-08-18 12:51 GMT+02:00, José Vázquez <ppvazquezfer at gmail.com>:
> I think that could be interesting add a target for Puma5 cable SoCs
> family. There are tw targets: the most common is Avalanche and the
> other is Volcano (maybe only for cablemodems with one ethernet port
> and without WLAN).
> According to the info i could find the cpu is a 400MHz arm1176
> (ARMv6k) with VFP and C55x DSP for VoIP, that runs in big endian mode;
> seems that shares some features with TI Davinci, OMAP2 and/or Sitara.
> These are the embedded peripherals that, AFAIK, can be found inside the
> Puma5:
> - 3 timers. There is a 16 bit timer, but i don't know if it is a
> separate timer or only a mode for the three mentioned above.
> - Watchdog (seems to use AR7 driver according AVM bootlog).
> "AVM_WATCHDOG: Watchdog Driver for AR7 Hardware".
> - 2xVNLYQ.
> - SPI (master and slave).
> - I2C (for tuner management according with some board schematics).
> - CPPI 4.1 (Communications Port Programming Interface). "... CPPI4
> common peripherals, including the CPPI 4 DMA Controller, the Queue
> Manager, and the Buffer Manager." Unlike TI Davinci ethernet
> driver/hardware uses CPPI 4.1.
> - 2xCPMAC (only one in Avalanche?).
> - CGPMAC (only present in Avalanche).
> - Packet proccessor.
> - GMII or RGMI.
> - MDIO bus.
> - Inventra USB 2.0 OTG like Davinci and OMAP SoCs.
> - Intd (interrupt distributor). TI Keystone has an intd but no idea if
> is the same found in Puma5.
> - Intc (interrupt controller).
> - PCI: absent, but is referenced in one header file.
> There are more peripherals but they have only interest for VoIP,
> DOCSIS and tuner.
> SDKs based in kernel 2.6.18 can be easily found, whereas FRITZ!Box
> 6360 Cable is based in kernel 2.6.28 with AVM modifications.
> The most of the boards based in Puma5 use an Atheros switch and an
> ATH79 or Ralink SoC for wireless with their own RAM and flash. Some
> have an RTL8198 working like a switch and with a Realtek wireless chip
> (RTL8192xx).
> The most of the boards have a PSP-Uboot and others ADAM2.
> I have a Hitron BVW-3653 that is based in PSP-uboot and OpenRG, and an
> RT3052 with 8MB RAM without flash (the Ralink OS is loaded when
> booting) for testing purposes if somebody is interested in porting
> this SoC to OpenWRT.
> Regards:
>      José Vázquez

Excuse for the "double mail" but the answers were not related with the
subject of the mail.
Any answer will be very appreciated (yes, no, maybe, ...).
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