[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH/RFC] build: fix missing help text in DEVEL config menu

Andrew McDonnell bugs at andrewmcdonnell.net
Thu Aug 21 08:57:06 EDT 2014

This patch completes missing help text for some options under CONFIG_DEVEL.

Provides help for BINARY_FOLDER and DOWNLOAD_FOLDER, and reduces ambiguity in the
help for BUILD_SUFFIX with an example.

Signed-off-by: Andrew McDonnell <bugs at andrewmcdonnell.net>
Warning: my email client also seems to be munging tabs into spaces, can I resend this as an attachment instead?
Question: This same patch also applies cleanly onto Barrier Breaker, do I need to resubmit it to backport it?

 config/Config-devel.in | 15 +++++++++++++--
 1 file changed, 13 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/config/Config-devel.in b/config/Config-devel.in
index 0931175..ab40091 100644
--- a/config/Config-devel.in
+++ b/config/Config-devel.in
@@ -15,10 +15,19 @@ menuconfig DEVEL
        config BINARY_FOLDER
                string "Binary folder" if DEVEL
                default ""
+               help
+                 Store built firmware images and filesystem images in this directory.
+                 If not set, uses './bin/$(BOARD)'
        config DOWNLOAD_FOLDER
                string "Download folder" if DEVEL
                default ""
+               help
+                 Store downloaded source bundles in this directory.
+                 If not set then defaults to './dl', which is removed by operations such as
+                 'git clean -xdf' or 'make distclean'.
+                 This option is useful if you have a low bandwidth Internet connection, and by
+                 setting a path outside the OpenWRT tree downloads will be saved.
        config LOCALMIRROR
                string "Local mirror for source packages" if DEVEL
@@ -31,10 +40,12 @@ menuconfig DEVEL
                  Automatically rebuild packages when their files change
        config BUILD_SUFFIX
-               string "Build suffix to append to the BUILD_DIR variable" if DEVEL
+               string "Build suffix to append to the target BUILD_DIR variable" if DEVEL
                default ""
-                 Build suffix to append to the BUILD_DIR variable, i.e: build_dir_suffix
+                 Build suffix to append to the BUILD_DIR variable, i.e: './build_dir/{target-build-dir}_$(BUILD_SUFFIX)'.
+                 This allows you to switch to a different .config whilst retaining all the build
+                 objects generated by the first .config
        config TARGET_ROOTFS_DIR
                string "Override the default TARGET_ROOTFS_DIR variable" if DEVEL
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