[OpenWrt-Devel] [RFC] TI/Intel Puma5 target.

José Vázquez ppvazquezfer at gmail.com
Mon Aug 18 06:51:08 EDT 2014

I think that could be interesting add a target for Puma5 cable SoCs
family. There are tw targets: the most common is Avalanche and the
other is Volcano (maybe only for cablemodems with one ethernet port
and without WLAN).

According to the info i could find the cpu is a 400MHz arm1176
(ARMv6k) with VFP and C55x DSP for VoIP, that runs in big endian mode;
seems that shares some features with TI Davinci, OMAP2 and/or Sitara.

These are the embedded peripherals that, AFAIK, can be found inside the Puma5:
- 3 timers. There is a 16 bit timer, but i don't know if it is a
separate timer or only a mode for the three mentioned above.
- Watchdog (seems to use AR7 driver according AVM bootlog).
"AVM_WATCHDOG: Watchdog Driver for AR7 Hardware".
- 2xVNLYQ.
- SPI (master and slave).
- I2C (for tuner management according with some board schematics).
- CPPI 4.1 (Communications Port Programming Interface). "... CPPI4
common peripherals, including the CPPI 4 DMA Controller, the Queue
Manager, and the Buffer Manager." Unlike TI Davinci ethernet
driver/hardware uses CPPI 4.1.
- 2xCPMAC (only one in Avalanche?).
- CGPMAC (only present in Avalanche).
- Packet proccessor.
- MDIO bus.
- Inventra USB 2.0 OTG like Davinci and OMAP SoCs.
- Intd (interrupt distributor). TI Keystone has an intd but no idea if
is the same found in Puma5.
- Intc (interrupt controller).
- PCI: absent, but is referenced in one header file.
There are more peripherals but they have only interest for VoIP,
DOCSIS and tuner.

SDKs based in kernel 2.6.18 can be easily found, whereas FRITZ!Box
6360 Cable is based in kernel 2.6.28 with AVM modifications.
The most of the boards based in Puma5 use an Atheros switch and an
ATH79 or Ralink SoC for wireless with their own RAM and flash. Some
have an RTL8198 working like a switch and with a Realtek wireless chip

The most of the boards have a PSP-Uboot and others ADAM2.
I have a Hitron BVW-3653 that is based in PSP-uboot and OpenRG, and an
RT3052 with 8MB RAM without flash (the Ralink OS is loaded when
booting) for testing purposes if somebody is interested in porting
this SoC to OpenWRT.


     José Vázquez
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