[OpenWrt-Devel] Moving all feeds to OpenWrt GitHub organisation

Jiří Šlachta slachta at cesnet.cz
Sat Aug 16 04:52:00 EDT 2014


Dne 16/08/2014 10:06, Jiri Pirko napsal(a):
> Well, I believe that there are many people that don't use the github PR
> and in fact, they hate to work with that. Me included. Unfortunatelly it
> cannot be disabled on github. I know it's "cool" but I prefer working
> with patches the old fashion way, by emails.

From my point of view package maintainers and developers should accept changes
made by:

* old fashion way (diff & patch for example),
* the git way - git commit; git format-patch; ... git am<patch or patch -p1<patch,
* alternative git way - git pull requests.

None of those are obsolete. I think it does not matter whether we have git repositories 
on selfhosted git servers, on github, bitbucket or any other SCM service. The only thing 
that matters is to deliver important changes that can be easily applicable my maintainers
and developers (mostly described in SubmittingPatches guideline on dev.openwrt.org).


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