[OpenWrt-Devel] kernel module runtime configuration

Brent Thomson brentthomson at gmail.com
Thu Aug 14 18:45:41 EDT 2014

Hey all. I'm working on my first Linux kernel module. It's an
adaptation of an hd44780-over-GPIO driver. You can see it here:


The driver is working fine, but I'd like to allow the user to
configure which GPIOs are used by the driver. Rather than hard-coding
the values in the C file (as they're currently done) I'd prefer to
read values from a config file (or the equivalent). Is there a best
practice for doing this at the kernel level module? In my googling,
I've seen comments indicating that reading from files at the kernel
level is a no-no? I'd prefer not to have to pass commands to insmod
and instead allow a static file (potentially managed by uci). What's
the right way to do this?


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