[OpenWrt-Devel] move socat into package feed

Henning Schild henning at hennsch.de
Mon Aug 11 17:15:56 EDT 2014

Hi all,

i have a IPv6 internet connection at home where IPv4 support is
available through a ds-lite tunnel. In order to connect to services
running in my home network i have to use IPv6 from the outside.
The easiest solution i found for 4to6 or 6to4 port forwarding is socat
but it is currently not in the packages feed.
I am not sure i would want to maintain the package, i just want to make
the point that it is an important package and should be included in the
feed. I wrote an init script for it, it currently lives in my files/
dir but i would be happy to contribute it. With IPv6 being more and
more common i guess that even a luci frontend for it could be useful.

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