[OpenWrt-Devel] Thank you!

W. Michael Petullo mike at flyn.org
Sun Aug 10 15:55:21 EDT 2014

While perhaps not exactly within the purpose of this mailing list,
I wanted to take the time to publicly thank the folks behind the new
GitHub-based packages repository.

I previously found OpenWrt very frustrating to contribute to, but it seems
that the new work-flow is much more contributor-friendly.

I would like to especially thank Ted Hess, champtar, and sbyx, who worked
with me to copy/add a number of new packages in the last few weeks.
I would also like to thank all of those who conceived of this new
contribution model in the first place.

I have been using OpenWrt for a number of years, and am very glad to see
a more workable (at least from the point of view of one non-core
developer) means of contributing and updating packages. Regardless of
who hosts our repository, OpenWrt has a bright future.


Mike Petullo

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