[OpenWrt-Devel] Unable to disable option in MenuConfig "Compile Kernel with Debug Filesystem enabled"

Luis E. Garcia luis at bitamins.net
Sat Aug 9 11:03:26 EDT 2014


When I type make menuconfig, then select "Global Build settings", then in
there the is one "compile kernel with debug filesystem enabled" is marked
as enabled by dependencies.

Its permanently checked, how do I get it to uncheck, no matter what I do it
will NOT un-check? What are it's dependencies?

Also when selecting "Remove unnecessary symbols from Kernel" there is no
noticeable change in the resulting image. Maybe I'm doing something wrong.

What is best way to optimize an image for size and performance? I did
google for this and tried the solutions only without much results while
generation images for the DLink DIR-600 B2.

Luis Garcia
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