[FS#3272] jffs2 will erase on every reboot the rootfs_data partition

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FS#3272 - jffs2 will erase on every reboot the rootfs_data partition
User who did this - Polynomdivision (PolynomialDivision)

On the OpenWrt Page of the Lightbeam AC Gen2 some similar issue is described:
The Lightbeam has the same flash: mx25l12805d and a similar soc: Atheros AR9342-BL1A

"The above upgrade procedure left the filesystem in a slightly damaged state (i.e. changes are lost after reboot). This is indicated by kernel messages (dmesg) related to jffs2_scan_eraseblock. Another firmware upgrade fixes this."
But this happens only after dd the image directly from airos to the device.

I believe the Lightbeam AC Gen2 will have the same problems I have with 5.4 kernel.
Can someone test that on a lightbeam ac gen2?

More information can be found at the following URL:

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