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Thu Sep 21 07:50:05 PDT 2023

Hi all -

Unfortunately, I know little about the wiki organization or management. 
Thomas Endt (tmomas) and Alberto Bursi (bobafetthotmail) were the main 
organizers of the wiki (AFAIK) along with Jo doing some of the SQL work. 
Thomas has been MIA since the end of May and we don't think he's OK - no 
information on hand.

That said, we do have several other 'admins' registered on the wiki 
besides jow, tmomas and myself:

Adrian Schmutzler
Alberto Bursi
Baptiste Jonglez
Daniel Golle
Hans Dedecker
Hauke Mehrtens
John Crispin
Kevin Darbyshire-Bryant
Martin Tippmann
Paul Fertser
Stijn Tintel
Zoltan Herpai
Koen Vandeputte
Petr Stetiar

Where are they?

On 9/20/2023 7:39:03 PM, "Alexander 'lynxis' Couzens" <lynxis at> 

>what is the meaning of the developers list on ?
>Is this a list of contributors who like to have an entry
>or only developers with committer permissions?
>I'm fine with both. But we should add an introduction to the site describe it.
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