New openwrt mirror in Japan

Jing Luo jing at
Wed Nov 15 00:05:49 PST 2023

Hello admins,

I've sent an email in September but did not receive any response.
I've set up a new mirror to support the development of openwrt and 
because the download speed in Japan is not great:


No files are excluded. I hope this can be listed on
This mirror also mirrors other distros and has a very good score on 
Debian's mirror status page and Arch's status page.

Other information:

Country: Japan
Geolocation: Tokyo
admin contact: Jing Luo <jing at> backup <szmun.luoj at>
sponsor: myself
sync frequency: every 23 hr
the list of other repos this site is mirroring:

Thank your for your trust and support.

Jing Luo
About me:
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