[VOTE] Switch 'master' to 'main' branch for repositories

Felix Fietkau nbd at nbd.name
Sun Mar 5 22:36:13 PST 2023

On 06.03.23 03:02, Fernando Frediani wrote:
> Well put.
> It may seem a little thing now but it may have the potential do open
> doors to other bad things in terms of expression. As mentioned example
> is important, even in the smaller things.
I don't understand this argument at all. This proposal is intentionally 
very specific in scope as to not open the doors for any other stuff that 
you seem to fear for some reason.

> Interesting that fewer that are in favor of it tried to elaborate
> something and unfortunately without any technical merit so far. Instead
> those against have put several examples of the issues this may bring.
Let me try to clear something up: You're right about the change not 
having *technical* merit. I don't think anybody here is claiming that 
this change is important because of *technical* merit.
Not every proposed change needs technical merit, there's also a social 
or political perspective that should be considered, and people in this 
thread have put forward arguments on that basis.

On the other hand, the claims about technical arguments against it have 
been wildly overblown and easily discredited. Yes, there might be some 
friction, but it should be fairly minimal.

> I wanted to ask those who voted to remain neutral to re-evaluate their
> view and change their vote to No. Neutrality is not the best for a topic
> like this.That seems rather nonsensical to me. It's completely fine if you're 
against this change for whatever reason, but staying neutral and not 
getting in the way of making this change is a position that's just as valid.

- Felix

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