[VOTE] Use GitHub issues instead of bugs.openwrt.org

Daniel Golle daniel at makrotopia.org
Fri Jan 28 10:31:49 PST 2022

Hi Sam,

On Fri, Jan 28, 2022 at 01:26:48AM +0000, Sam Kuper wrote:
> GitHub has already "gone south".[2]

thank you for sharing those concerns. I found some time to read up on
recent history, also thanks to the links you shared in this and your
previous message regarding this topic, and that has changed my view.

It now feels very naiiv to believe that things will just be fine if
we decide to start using Github as an issue tracker -- even though
(other than Gitlab.com) Github hasn't *yet* done things against their
users' and users' projects' best interests (or at least I haven't yet
heard about that), it is extremely likely that MICROS~1 has the
intention to do everything they consider suitable in order to maximize
profits: "Embrace, extend, and extinguish"

In the past, that typically had rather, excuse me, shitty consequences
for everyone else involved -- which is, I guess, actually one of the
main reasons me and so many others try to avoid their products as good
as we can, maybe that was even the main cause for us ever starting to
deal with those bulky UNIX dinosaurs or considering Free Open Source
Software something more than just an odd nieche of bearded academics.

I have previously cast my vote in favor of migrating to Github, because
I can see how the current situation with the issue tracker is just bad
for us and all users of the project. We have all been aware of that
situation for years, decided to setup a private gitlab instance which
then never happened, and now we are still on square 1.

Apparently we do not have the resources to manage all that
infrastructure on our own. However, it'd still feel better to give all
our project donations to a **non-profit** association operating such
services for us -- as opposed to data on our coding habbits and the
code itself more or less directly becoming a product of Microsoft
without our consent, as that is literally how we are currently paying
Github for them burning a MWh/year on our CI and code hosting needs.

So not sure what our rules are about this, but I can't see a problem
(a part from noise) to change my vote within the running vote period

[x] No, please find another solution

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