Automatic LAN Subnet Reassignment

Rich Brown richb.hanover at
Mon Feb 21 13:38:33 PST 2022

There is a new RFC on the OpenWrt forum proposing "Automatic LAN Subnet Reassignment" The RFC responds to the advice given at last week's OpenWrt-Adm meeting ( 

The intent of the proposal is for the default configuration to assign a LAN subnet that avoids a conflict with the WAN subnet, and provide a mDNS name such at OpenWrt.lan for connections.

I have two requests:

1) Please make comments on the technical merits of the proposal on the OpenWrt forum at the link above.

2) If the proposal seems to make sense, please consider the process by which we would incorporate this into the main release (likely, not for 22.0x, but perhaps the next release?)

Thank you.


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