OpenWrt 22.0X release plan

Hauke Mehrtens hauke at
Sun Feb 20 14:57:55 PST 2022


All the major new features for the next OpenWrt major release are mostly 
merged into master. The kernel 5.10 upgrade for the bcm63xx target is 
still missing.

Paul created a issue to track the remaining tasks:
This will be extended with new problems.

We plan to do a feature freeze of the master branch on 1. March 2022. 
This means we will not add any big changes any more by that date. Minor 
changes like adding support for new boards or adding a new package are 
still ok, big changes like activating SELinux by default would not be oḱ.

Around 20. March 2022 we plan to branch off the next major release and 
would prepare for a first release candidate about 1 week later.


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