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Tue Jul 7 14:21:16 EDT 2020

Hi Rich,

> This is exactly the "can of worms" I was referring to.
> We are embarking on a significant change to the branding of OpenWrt. I want
> to be sure that we all will be happy with how we present OpenWrt as we try
> the logo in all our different use cases: Download pages, Wiki pages, Forum
> pages - other pages?
> For the record, I am extremely pleased with the new logo. I also believe
> this the proper time to make our GUI experiments and ask hard questions,
> since the logo has not been widely deployed. If we need to make a change,
> it will be straightforward to ensure all instances of it match the chosen
> final form.

I agree.

> My questions:
> 1) I am asking the OpenWrt admin group whether they prefer the current
> appearance of the logo, or the adjusted appearance, where the wordmark
> ("OpenWrt/Wireless Freedom") is moved up slightly. You can compare the two
> at: - Original:
> -
> Revised:
> Is
> the wordmark placement a deeply considered decision, or would the designer
> say, "Oh, I see what you mean. Let's change it..."?

I do think it is a matter of padding. You need to pad the logo in a way that
the word mark is vertically centered, not the outline of the circle with the
wifi waves. Try to set the padding of the <img> to `1em 1em 1.5em 1em` - the
logo instantly feels to be more aligned... for the lack of a better word.

> 2) I took Petr's advice, and changed the padding to reflect a proportion of
> the image height (style="height: 3em; padding: 1em;") This does give a
> little more space to breathe, but the wordmark still looks too low to my
> eye. You can see all the various files as generated by the dir-index.cgi
> at: -

Try making the bottom padding larger than the top one.

> 3) The logo usage guidelines
> (
> are a little difficult to interpret. The recommendations for breathing room
> use 1/4 X for the padding, but the X dimension itself is awkward (that is,
> not easily measured). I wonder whether we could ask the logo designer to
> give advice for the padding based on an exterior dimension of each of the
> four variations shown on Page 4.

To my understanding, the *minimum* padding around the logo is supposed to be
25% of the overall height. So if the SVG logo is scaled to height: 3em, the
minimal horizontal *and* vertical padding should be 0.75em.

> 4) Since I am poking the hornet nest, I will also ask if we are content
> with the use of the GalanoGrotesque font as the body font for web pages.To
> see how it might appear, I copy/pasted the text from the OpenWrt wiki home
> page and put it into:
> I
> am not fond of the appearance. I find the font is too light, making it hard
> to look at with my (older) eyes. I also feel it looks "loopy", in both the
> sense that it's based on circles, and it looks a little un-serious. I
> wonder if we might ask our graphical designer for recommendations of a
> complementary font to use for body text.

I would suggest to try GalanoGrotesque Alt [1] for body text, to me it looks
cleaner and a bit better to read at smaller font size. Also the line height in
your mockup should be increased, it seems to be a little bit too low.



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