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Rafał Miłecki zajec5 at
Sun Jul 5 05:34:09 EDT 2020

On Mon, 8 Jun 2020 at 20:40, Moritz Warning <moritzwarning at> wrote:
> would it be desirable to have this for

I like it and I'd happily see it as an *addition* to I think we really should keep existing (manual)
downloads browsing at the same time.

One thing I'd love to see is matching OpenWrt running firmware with
download-available firmwares. Right now I can get device id and name
# cat /etc/board.json | jsonfilter -e '@.model'
{ "id": "luxul,xap-1610-v1", "name": "Luxul XAP-1610 V1" }

In profiles.json I can find something like:


                    "title":"Luxul XAP-1610"

Any advice on how to solve that?
1. Match by "name" / "title"?
2. Add "id" to profiles.json (host)?
3. Add "profile" to board.json (device)?

> The setup would need the following OpenWrt option to create the JSON data:
> "Global build settings" ---> "[*] Create JSON info files per build image"
> And a script to merge it into one file.

Buildbot builds with
which should be enough thanks to

    bool "Create JSON info file overview per target"
    default BUILDBOT

Maybe it's a problem with one of *upload steps in phase1/master.cfg?

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