Moving the mailing lists

John Crispin john at
Thu May 17 07:09:02 EDT 2018

Hi All,

In order to bring the OpenWrt mailing list back to operational status, 
we are moving them to the infradead server. The 2 current LEDE lists 
will be renamed

* lede-dev->openwrt-dev

* lede-adm -> openwrt-adm

the old names will get redirected to the new ones, so mails sent to 
either of the LEDE ones will pop up on the OpenWrt ones. Additionally we 
will send out an automated invite to ~4,5k mail addresses that we 
believe to have previously been subscribed to the OpenWrt mailing list. 
We will do our best to filter out duplicates, however some of you might 
get an invite although you are already subscribed. Additionally make 
sure that you update any email filter you might have.

lets hope for a smooth transition ...


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