[VOTE] Mailing lists / forum

John Crispin john at phrozen.org
Thu May 10 10:56:41 EDT 2018


mailing lists and forum are still down, admin is still awol. We dont 
know if backups exists and if they do, if we can get hold of them. ML 
and forum are the last 2 pieces of the OWRT infrastructure that were not 
moved during the LEDE reboot. I would propose that we ask David 
Woodhouse to setup a openwrt-devel ML on the old DNS/names. Reap our 
inboxes for a list of anyone that has ever sent an email to the old ML 
and send them an automated invite for the new list. If we do manage to 
get a backup of the old subscription list we can merge the missing ones 
later and possibly import the archive.

additionally i would like to propose that we setup a static page that 
forum.openwrt.org points to, explain the situation and then provide a 
redirect/link to the lede forum.

ACK from me for implementing those 2 changes.


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