[VOTE] move primary DNS to DO

John Crispin john at phrozen.org
Mon May 7 02:22:16 EDT 2018


DNS has been down for 24 hours and i have been failing to contact the 
server admin. It looks like DNS is slowly expiring over the tree and 
more service start to not work for more people as time moves by. SPI 
will move the secondary to the SPI servers and we should consider moving 
primary to the DO server. As this is rather critical and bad we should 
hurry up, so i wiould like to propose that we simply go by a 5 or more 
ACK and no NAK vote and get the ball rolling. even if we move the 
primary right now it'll take a few days till things run smoothly again. 
its not only the servers that are not reachable but all builders, 
mirrors, opkg, ... is also failing.

so ... ACK from me for moving primary DNS to DO


p.s. @jow can you already start getting the zone setup on DO ?

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