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Thomas Endt tmo26 at
Tue Jan 30 15:23:16 EST 2018

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> Von: Vincenzo Romano [mailto:vincenzo.romano at]
> Gesendet: Montag, 29. Januar 2018 15:34
> I think that the merge should be finalized as soon as possible.
> As of now:
> 1. home page is still the old one with just the merge
> announcement 2. Development link goes to which gives an
> error with no way out (at least with chrome) 3. Documentation link goes
> to 4. Downloads link goe to
> which neither looks like Openwrt nor Lede.
> 5. Wiki link goes to
> 6. Forum goes to
> 7. Trademark policy goes to 8. The "download"
> link on the right panel gives a 404 error.
> 9. The "Headlines" are still outdatedly pointing to OpenWRT 15.05.1.
> Everything else is more or less the same old OpenWRT stuff.
> It looks like the amount of work to be done is huge.
> I can volunteer for anything the administrators want.

Hey Vincenzo,

we're currently discussing how to get things started quickly, please see

Helping hands are welcome!

Regards, Thomas

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