[LEDE-DEV] LEDE call for vote on remerge proposal V3

John Crispin john at phrozen.org
Tue Sep 19 11:09:22 EDT 2017

Hi Zoltan,

actually its been 29 days since the domain transfer had been completed 
and ownership has been set properly.

i already had a chat with some devs last week about what to do next, 
people are all very busy with their daytime jobs at the moment and 
starting on the next step does obviously require some lead time. I was 
actually hoping to start consolidating the git trees this week but as it 
turns out i wont have time. hopefully next week will be less busy.


On 19/09/17 15:07, Zoltan HERPAI wrote:
> On 07/18/2017 05:26 PM, John wrote:
>>> Am 18.07.2017 um 17:00 schrieb Zoltan HERPAI<wigyori at uid0.hu>:
>>> On 07/10/2017 12:33 PM, Thomas Endt wrote:
>>>>> Transferring the openwrt.org domain to the SPI is seen as a
>>>>> prerequisite before the next steps will be taken by the LEDE
>>>>> developers.
>>>>> @Imre: I assume this needs multiple steps, could you please update us
>>>>> on the status of transferring the openwrt.org domain to the SPI please.
>>>> Almost two weeks later: What is the status of the domain transfer to the SPI?
>>>> Is there an estimated timeline available for when the domain transfer will be done and the next steps can start?
>>>> Please forgive me my impatience, but I'm already thinking of the merge of the two wikis, now that the voting has been done.
>>> That's a question I also have now about the status of the transfer.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Zoltan H
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>> hi
>> mbm started the domain transfer last week. there was a mis-understanding about who had access causing the delay
>> john
> Hi all,
> Two months have passed, both domains (openwrt.org and 
> lede-project.org) are under SPI now. John / Hauke, is anyone 
> coordinating the next steps?
> Regards,
> Zoltan H

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