[VOTE] commit access for Daniel Engberg

Daniel Engberg daniel.engberg.lists at pyret.net
Mon Oct 2 14:27:27 EDT 2017


I just want to clear up a few things, I'm not looking for approval but I 
really think I at least should comment on a few things.

First of all, Mathias you're really blowing it out of proportion. It 
wasn't intended hostile, more of "you really do know how things work by 
now"-thing and we've made up since, in fact I had a friendly chat with 
that very contributor just the other day and we've helped each other out 
even before that so I'd say we're on good terms. I do apologize for not 
being "politically correct", didn't realize people were so sensitive 
about that matter. For those not involved, it was a very mild one....

As for the rule #12, really? Since this seems to be the only open forum 
to get some traction about the matter I'm going ask to all core members 
really go by this? I have seriously no idea how I upset Stjin but do 
indeed find it pretty hostile when I (kindly) try to have an open 
conversion about the cause just to get ignored. For all I know it's on a 
personal level.

Ted, we do indeed have a different view on things but I'm going to say 
that we made good progress and it did turn out for the better. You are 
indeed much more conservative than me however I think we managed to do a 
trade-off in the end despite our different views. Sorry to hear that you 
think otherwise, I wish that you've said so earlier.

I'd also like to thank the core team for tirelessly answering my 
questions and correcting my mistakes (you know who you are).

Best regards,
Daniel Engberg

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