Kudos, a note, and a question

lede-dev at thecshore.com lede-dev at thecshore.com
Wed Oct 25 17:51:54 EDT 2017

Hi all,

Kudos all on getting the merge underway, here's hoping you resolve some
hiccups that seem to be coming up.  I regret my part in the situation, but
there were a variety of factors (partly medical, partly environment) that
resulted in my mental health taking a beating and my being hospitalized
twice.  I've made important environment change sand along with medication
finally the right kind and dose, I'm recovering and am working on getting
back on my feet.

In the meantime I had explored OpenEmbedded a bit and discovered that I have
mixed feelings about it.  It's certainly not practical on the current
primary target of OpenWrt/LEDE (consumer routers) until the AC versions and
even then the userspace is not there to support router functionality in
meaningful way as netifd/uci/luci do.  For general IoT devices it seems to
be workable, but if flash cost can be a relevant factor than OpenWrt seems a
better choice.  One thing I would like to work on (but haven't decided if
that's a project I'm going to take on in reality, yet) is upstreaming enough
of the kernel stuff in openwrt (particularly SoC switch support) in order
for distro to be a choice.

In any event, part of my decision process on what to work on next hinges on
whether it is feasible given my history (but recognizing that I'm not in the
state where I was getting upset and getting irratible about feeling ignored,
and sounding off a lot, in addition to better focussed on details included
annoying things like whitespace) to rejoin the now new merging OpenWrt/LEDE
project without history getting in the way due to personal hard feelings and
general ill will to my participating.  I can understand if there is such,
and I'd already walked away because I was ill and feeling horrible about a
great many things, and am willing to leave it at that, but if there is a
general consensus that I can participate meaningfully then that gives me a
great deal more reason to come back to something I've already spent a fair
bit of time on, rather than wandering off onto different projects without
the negative history.

So, how much a problem would the dark period be if I were to come back to
working on the project (assuming I am indeed better, and also that it's not
a case of over-scrutinized because of that period); am I welcome?

I know some folks have said yes, but I'd like a more complete sense,
particular from those with votes and commit rights who are who things have
to go through and/or take to time to review work for my attempts to
contribute to be meaningful.



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