[VOTE] using release names or not

Hauke Mehrtens hauke at hauke-m.de
Tue Oct 24 17:00:38 EDT 2017


For the lede-17.01 release we did not use a release name, I do not
consider "reboot" a release name here. OpenWrt used release names in the

1. Use release names for releases in addition to a release number, for
example 17.01 DESIGNATED DRIVER, like it was done for OpenWrt releases.

2. Use no release names and only use release numbers, like it was done
in the LEDE 17.01 release.

This vote is not about which release name to choose, but if we want some
at all, if we want some we should decide about a release name later. If
we later want to change the decision again, we can do a new vote and
change it. This would affect the naming of the current master repository
and the next release.

I am for option 2 to go without any release names because we had some
trouble finding and agreeing on one in the past in OpenWrt, even if they
are funny I think they are not needed.

I started this vote base on this request from Zoltan:


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