OpenWrt/LEDE Usage Survey and OpenWrt Summit

Shelly Coen shelly at
Mon Oct 9 10:48:03 EDT 2017

Hi Everyone! 

Just a note to say that we will be closing the survey that we have been running about the usage of OpenWrt/LEDE this coming Friday (the 13th). If you haven't already filled it in, now is the time to do so! Find it here -
The results will be presented at the summit.

Ticket sales are still open for OpenWrt Summit and can be found on 
If you complete the usage survey, you get a discount code towards your tickets. The discount code will remain valid for as long as ticket sales are open.    
There are still some hotel rooms available in the venue hotel and we would recommend booking soon to avoid missing out! To do so, just email booking at and quote the code "OpenWrt" to receive a small discount. The remaining rooms were reserved by prpl specifically for attendees of the summit, so it's not possible to book through the website, just by email. 

If you previously booked with the hotel but did so through the website, please email them to let them know you are with the summit. The discount will be applied for you.

The detailed schedule is now available on the website at 

We're really looking forward to seeing you there! 
 Shelly Coen
 Community Manager, prpl Foundation

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