[remerge] summit meeting notes / roadmap

John Crispin john at phrozen.org
Tue Nov 7 03:38:12 EST 2017


during the openwrt-summit we held a meeting to discuss the next steps of
the remerge. We should vote on whether we want to implement the following

* Mailing-lists
   There shall be 3 lists. All other lists that existed before/after the
   reboot shall be shutdown.
   - #openwrt - all contributions, patches, ideas, ...
   - #openwrt-announce - new releases, security, ...
   - #openwrt-org - admin foo

   The mailing lists shall be hosted on infradead.org. We will contact
   David Woodhouse and ask him to help with the migration. We will send out
   automated subscriptions with a letter that we have yet to draft

* get onto the distro security ML
   - http://oss-security.openwall.org/wiki/mailing-lists/distros

* git trees
   - move remaining patches from owrt tree -> lede tree
   - rebrand lede tree (patch V3 was posted, pending review)
   - backup current owrt tree
   - move openwrt.git to openwrt-legacy.git
   - move CC changes from owrt->lede branch (openwrt/source) to sync the 

* github
   - consolidate github organisation members
   - start pushing git.lede-project.org tree to openwrt org
   - build a script to automagically close PRs on the lede org with a note
     telling folks to use owrt instead
   - go over all PRs and close the old ones asking people to repost if 

   There shall be 3 channels. All other channels that existed before/after
   the reboot shall be shutdown
   - #openwrt
   - #openwrt-devel
   - #openwrt-org
   - shutdown #openwrt-hackers

   Channel admin status shall be shared by enabling project cloaking for 
   voting members.

   Change topics redirecting folks to new channels, after a grace period
   enable forced redirect for new joins

* trac
   - edit trac header and add a link to bugs.openwrt.org
   - clone the whole content into static html
   - setup nginx / rewrite rules and host static content

* domains
   - add bugs.openwrt.org -> bugs.lede-project.org
   - add git.openwrt.org > git.lede-project.org
   - add phaseX.build.openwrt.org -> phaseX.build.lede-project.org
   - keep dev.openwrt.org -> static trac
   - archive.openwrt.org for old releases (no need to have old releases on
     main dl server - BB and older)

* servers
   - reuse old openwrt server as download/archive and/or buildserver
   - upgrade the HP servers ram with SPI donations
   - give more people access to the HP box (imre agreed to give felix full
     root on the machine)
   - integrate zoltans boxes into the setup as build slaves

* landing page
   - reuse lede-project page/wiki and add a owrt like theme
   - use same colour of openwrt.org and logo
   - swap welcome page and replace it with a remerge announcement
   - add a banner link for the announcement
   - after grace period of 4 weeks, remove the announcement and use welcome
     page as default again
   - remove all facebook tracking

   - leave it on the hp machine for now as long as felix gets and keeps 
     root access

* more voters
   - send out an open invitation letter to try and attract new people

* flattr
   - we have around 1100 euro in the donations account, fund to be
     transfered to SPI

* contact email addr
   - there will be a 1->N mail forwarder for contact@ as done with LEDE
   - there will be a 1->3 mail account for security issues, the security 
team will then handle incoming mails

         OpenWrt and LEDE team

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