[LEDE-DEV] openwrt and lede - remerge proposal V2

Hauke Mehrtens hauke at hauke-m.de
Tue May 23 16:42:02 EDT 2017

On 05/22/2017 09:40 AM, John Crispin wrote:
> Hi,
> here is a V2 of the remerge proposal, I tried to fold all the comments
> people made into it, if anything is missing let me know.
>         John


> *) SPI
> - nominate a new liaison team (imre and john offer to do this, if anyone
> else is interested let us know)

I am ok with you both representing us at the SPI. Is a majority vote
needed (LEDE rules) to put someone else into this position, or what
would be the process? ;-)

> - inform SPI of the new liaisons, voters and project rules
> - this should be done early in the remerge process s.t. the domains can
> be handed over


> *) email accounts
> - currently there are around ~20 active openwrt.org mail accounts (the 3
> owrt devs would like to keep theirs active)
> - turn all the webmaster@, hostmaster@, ... accounts into aliases that
> anyone with voting rights can be subscribed to
> - ask those people that are no longer active to voluntarily give up
> their accounts
> - mail addresses may under no conditions be used for any personal
> business, consultancy, applying for jobs, ... purposes
> - any mail sent from an openwrt.org account needs to adhere the
> trademark policy and should only be used for FOSS purposes

I am fine with forwarding the mails send to the personal accounts to
some other mail address of that person for the next years.

> *) trademark/sponsorship policy
> - review/ack imres trademark policy (https://openwrt.org/trademark)
> - review/ack jows sponsorship policy (link pending)

As the sponsorship policy is not ready can you remove it from the
remerge proposal and we can talk about it later.

> *) timeline
> - vote / agree on the proposal within the next week
> - work on the action items in the 4 weeks after that
>     John

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