[LEDE-DEV] openwrt and lede - remerge proposal

Eric Luehrsen ericluehrsen at hotmail.com
Mon May 8 21:33:51 EDT 2017

Glad to hear the merge is coming and that enough issues were resolved to 
make this go forward. So ... I'll just throw my thoughts into the hopper.

 > On 05/08/2017 09:19 AM, John Crispin wrote:
> *) branding
 From a raw objective stand, OpenWrt has better market value as a brand. 
Its longer lived on the net and more unique audibly. If we surveyed 1000 
somewhat technical people, then we would have way more recognition hits. 
I realize the vote concluded already, but hopefully this thought helps 
ease some less happy minds.

> *) git / github
This is were LEDE staging model can really shine, if you use it. Lock 
both OpenWrt and LEDE to new business for set dates. Close all 
outstanding PR in  both. Perform any "best of" merge activity in staging 
areas with core members who have time to participate. (not plebes from 
the peanut gallery like me.) Iterate on a few broken merges. Push the 
new-and-improved tree to OpenWrt. Reopen for business.

If the project will use github, then have all project components 
(netifd, procd, odhcpd/c) use github. The half-in-half-out can be 
confusing and exclude participation.

 > *) landing page
I would toss up a third possibility. Why not use the LuCI boot-strap 
theme as inspiration? The OpenWrt headline and radial from openwrt.org 
is good but the paneling could look a little more modern.

> *) trac
At some point, archive to raw text documents. No body wants to delete 
anything, but maintaining an active server-application to that end is 
just a burden.

> *) email accounts
For OpenWrt integrity, I would recommend a more assertive removal of 
personal email accounts. I realize this is contentious, but long term it 
protects OpenWrt from individuals who may attempt to misuse the brand.

> *) wiki / forum
There are long running discussions in each forum that serve as 
"documentation" in the absence of "documentation." OpenWrt wiki has a 
lot of outdated information. LEDE wiki is sparse. Closing this question 
requires a focused effort on improved documentation. Its easier to 
change if the human dependencies are not so tenuous.

> *) trademark/sponsorship
OpenWrt may generate a high value brand target in the future. Having 
seen charities and non-profits overrun by their sponsors I would simply 
urge caution. All most all sponsors have good intentions, selfish 
promotion yes, but good for the sponsored entity. It only requires one 
that doesn't and a hungry lawyer to make things difficult. Key sponsor 
concepts: non-exclusive sponsorship, limited term sponsorship, and no 
product delivery for sponsorship.

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