openwrt and lede - remerge proposal V3

John Crispin john at
Mon May 29 03:03:57 EDT 2017

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here is a V3 of the remerge proposal, I tried to fold all the comments 
people made into it, if anything is missing let me know. Please remeber 
that post remerge anything can be voted on, so cluttering the proposal 
with many details will delay the remerge even more.

Ideally we manage to vote during this week.


*) rules
- owrt will adopt the lede rules and voting system

*) branding
- the owrt side sees no option of using the lede brand
- a (minor) majority voted for openwrt as a name over lede whilst most 
people said they did not care
- as the last vote had a 100% ACK for a remerge using the owrt brand is 
the only feasible option

*) domain
- transfer owner ship to SPI for and
- add them to the pool of urls at digital ocean
- post remerge build a setup where we have several DNS servers in 
various locations
- point at the lede git server
- point to the lede flyspray instance
- keep both wikis and forums as is (we should decide post remerge how to 
proceed to avoid these issues blocking the progress)
- update the lede domain entries for build/download/rsync/... servers so 
that the openwrt domain also points at them

*) SPI
- nominate a new liaison team (imre and john offer to do this, if anyone 
else is interested let us know)
- inform SPI of the new liaisons, voters and project rules
- this should be done early in the remerge process s.t. the domains can 
be handed over

*) github
- start pushing to the openwrt organisation
- cleanup the list of owners in the openwrt organisation
- obsolete all issues on the openwrt organisation and close the issue 
- go through the open openwrt and lede PRs, pickup whats useful and 
close the rest, asking people to repost (things wont be rebasable anyhow)
- close the lede PR tracker
- obsolete the lede github org after a grace period of 3-6 months

*) landing page
- add a letter of intent / notice to both current landing pages 
announcing the remerge
- update the lede landing page to represent the openwrt name
- update the landing page to have the same look & feel as the current 
openwrt landing page
- point at the lede landing page
- try to find some design guru that will transform the owrt theme to one 
appropriate to this century

*) trac
- trac is already readonly, keep content so that search engines can 
still find the it
- edit the trac html templates, adding a note pointing at the instance

*) IRC
- add back cloaking
- give people channel ownership/admin rights

*) email accounts
- currently there are around ~20 active mail accounts (the 3 
owrt devs would like to keep theirs active)
- turn all the webmaster@, hostmaster@, ... accounts into aliases that 
anyone with voting rights can be subscribed to
- ask those people that are no longer active to voluntarily give up 
their accounts
- mail addresses may under no conditions be used for any personal 
business, consultancy, applying for jobs, ... purposes
- any mail sent from an account needs to adhere the 
trademark policy and should only be used for FOSS purposes

*) wiki / forum
- asking in either forum/wiki will get a biased vote so keep them both 
- start a separate discussion regarding these post remerge

*) LF
- find out what doubts folks have about LF
- find out benefits - we would have their hosting and sponsorship ?!
- start a separate discussion regarding these post remerge

*) git trees
- rebrand the lede tree to openwrt
- work out what has happened inside the openwrt tree since the reboot 
and pick up the useful bits (zoltan has done some prior work on this 

*) mailing list
- ask david to add the openwrt-adm and openwrt lists
- send out invitation mails to the new list
- setup redirect/auto-reply for the existing lists

*) trademark policy
- review/ack imres trademark policy (

*) timeline
- vote / agree on the proposal within the next week
- work on the action items in the 4 weeks after that


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