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Zoltan HERPAI wigyori at
Thu Mar 9 11:46:30 EST 2017

Hi all,

First of all, thanks for giving the OpenWrt members a vote right on this 
one, given that we're still somewhat separated yet.

1) Remerge
Yes. It's been said a couple times already that LEDE did improve on 
things - some of which were long overdue in OpenWrt. While we can argue 
whether these were blocked, ignored, or just forgotten, it can't be 
argued that change is good and You guys should be credited for it.
I for one don't want to keep explaining to people who did what, what's 
happening, why did OpenWrt stop any development, and what will happen 
now and when - this split-brain scenario should be ended and all 
development efforts reunited under the same umbrella, as this hurts us 
(OpenWrt), hurts you (LEDE), hurts the community and hurts the industry. 
I don't necessarily agree with some small parts of the new charta, but 
that's something where I believe in discussing things, and if I'm talked 
down, well I can go to hell, or agree with the majority and the "modus 
operandi". ;)

2) Rebrand
I stay with my opinion that the project should stay under the name OpenWrt.
Parts of the community / small parts of the industry could have started 
leaning towards LEDE, but a full rename in the heads of everyone can 
take 2-3 years, both in the community and the industry, whether the new 
name is LEDE or ShinyFirmwareforWhatever. I saw Openoffice/Libreoffice 
mentioned in this thread, but I for one still have to think which one to 
download whether I get to a new desktop. I also don't agree with the 
idea of having "LEDE as trunk and OpenWrt as release", that's not really 
a merge, and would also lead to further misunderstandings. While I see 
the idea and thought of world domination behind the "LEDE" abbreviation, 
that's probably not the way to go.

Zoltan Herpai

John Crispin wrote:
> 1) do we want to remerge
> Yes, under the previously named conditions that rules and source tree
> are adopted from the lede project, ...
> 2) do we want to rebrand
> neutral, i see many bad things attached to the owrt brand, however i
> find that the lede name is not very good either and has the taste of the
> reboot attached to it.
> to me it looks like the vote will result in the vast majority saying
> that they want to remerge and dont care about the name. only a small
> fraction will be biased towards a name. this would make the remerge not
> happen and the discussion circle around the colour of the flag. this in
> turn undermines the whole purpose of why the reboot happened and the
> same crowd that in the past had problems finding common ground would be
> at it again. i'd rather put the focus on the rules and changes to the
> modus operandi being put in place
> i can live with adopting the owrt again as this was never part of the
> reason of the reboot. remerging and adopting the rules has a far higher
> priority to me and the name is only a small detail that is blocking the
> remerge.

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