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Mathias Kresin dev at
Thu Mar 2 02:47:23 EST 2017

01.03.2017 13:02, John Crispin:
> Hi All,
> @Imre: Thanks for the mail, I hope that we will manage to go the final
> steps to resolve this one way or the other
> @Zoltan: i agree with what you say, however during that meeting we
> concluded that we will all work with the best intent to remerge. However
> due to the rules and governance system of LEDE we will need to make a
> vote about remerge and rebranding. The 3 remaining OWRT devs were all
> given full commit and voting rights within the LEDE project so that you
> can obviously take part in this vote.
> @Felix, David: I fully agree with what you said about LF and the reasons
> given.
> @jow: also agree with what you say.
> @daniel: as usual spot on, it pretty much sums up the doubt/fear that
> most LEDE devs have
> @lede: everyone, its time to say what you think. people have made a
> start now and your opinion is valid and important whether it is pro or con
> Maybe we can speed this process up a bit. I get the impression that
> everyone is eager to remerge and that the branding is the actual topic
> that is blocking this. We could simply make 2 votes
> 1) do we want to remerge

I'm fine if we're all working together on a single project, as long as 
the rules/workflow we have in LEDE are kept.

Which means especially but not exclusive:

- a single person doesn't (claim to) represent the project and there are 
no project mail address which can be used for sending mails

- decisions are based on majority election (if controversial or required)

- all devs are equal and have equal voting rights

- no one owns a target and I don't need a permission to fix something in 
a target (for me the person listed as maintainer is the one who really 
knows about the inner workings of the platform and which I would contact 
prior to pushing in case I'm in doubt about something)

- no single points of failure in terms of infrastructure administration 
(I have already seen in other projects that the infrastructure was used 
as a hostage to push own interests)

> 2) do we want to rebrand

No. From my point of view LEDE is different from OpenWrt in terms of 
target devices and in terms of how things are done. This should be 
reflected in a different name. Which doesn't need to be LEDE of course.

I'm not that thrilled of the idea having something like an umbrella 
project name and scoped sub brands. I'm afraid that this will 
unnecessarily split the already limited willingness to test the code.

Regarding the question which forum or wiki software should be used: I'm 
not sure if it's a decision which has to be made by the developers. IMHO 
it is up to the most active users/the users contributing the content/the 
users taking care of gardening what should be used.


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