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Luiz Angelo Daros de Luca luizluca at
Wed Mar 1 12:31:23 EST 2017


As I see, there is no more two dev teams as everybody that had commit
access on OpenWRT already do on LEDE. There is no group decision
needed, groups are "merged". It's just a personal decision to
contribute or not.

I also think that there is no need to decide to merge or not changes
from OpenWRT into LEDE. Every change can be picked right now from
OpenWRT and be submitted by anyone (even without commit access). If it
is relevant, it will be committed.

OpenWRT development is also a decision for those who still have commit
access there. Do they want to develop in parallel (also picking LEDE
commits)? This is a decision that might naturally be answered if they
accept to work with LEDE. It just need to be officially announced.
Again, not LEDE decision.

Both wiki shares the same licence. I don't know those licenses terms
but do we need permission to copy its content? If not, it's a matter
of someone start doing this job. I would have used OpenWRT wiki as
base from scratch as it is much bigger.

For forum choice, I suggest to create a topic and let their users
vote. It's a minor issue. I would do it afterwards.

The real point is the rebrand. How much would it cost? What is the
requirements if LEDE adopts OpenWRT name? Domain transfer?  If there
is no interest on using OpenWRT name, some legal stuff as brand and
domain ownership becomes less important as OpenWRT sites would be
either a simple redirect or, in case the OpenWRT commiters does not
accept it, a different project.

We should start first a vote if LEDE wants to rebrand to OpenWRT.
While voting, the requirements could be already listed.

Other issues as an official announcement, changes on both main pages
depend on this first matter.


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